Maha Dakini - L's life has been a personal journey exploring sexuality and
spirituality and the relationship that both have with our bodies, our
health and our connections with the world for over twenty years. Her
studies and experiences have provided her with the necessary background
for relaying complicated and uncomfortable information easily, while
understanding the subtleties of the learning process for each client. She
has maintained a practice in sexuality coaching for ten years. Her
teaching style is dynamic and intuitive, integrating experience in yoga,
metaphysics and personal growth.

She is a Certified Tantric Counselor and Tantric Healer, receiving dakini
and sexual healing training from Dr. Corynna Clark, Carla Tarantola and
Deborah Anapol, Ph.D. and recently became a certified Mind-Sound®
teacher. Lorae is also a graduate of Margot Anand's yearlong Sky Dancing
Tantra Facilitator Training.

Maha Dakini - L's is a current member of the American Association of Sex
Educators, Councilors and Therapists (AASECT) and charter member of
ASEP, the Association of Sexual Energy Professionals and regularly
attends trainings & conferences to keep current with the latest research
and information in the realm of body, mind and spirit.
Maha Dakini's Bio
"I had a wonderful experience. You really helped me with my ability to
spread my energy and guide it to different parts of my body. Your
teachings opened my eyes to a new reality."
- C.H., Atlanta, GA

"I had heard of whole-body orgasms before, but never knew it could be so
intense. I learned a great deal from you. I was in awe of your extensive
knowledge on Tantra and sexuality. I also found you very nice and
- R.W., Boston, MA
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L - Maha Dakini Lotus Flower
L - Maha Dakini: Experience a body awakening where profound, estatic and bliss states resonate within. Melt into Maha Dakini's initation of pleasure
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Experience a body awakening where profound, estatic and bliss
states resonate within. Melt into Maha Dakini's initiation of pleasure.
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